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At Flotstone, we honor educators, administrators, students, military personnel, and seniors with exclusive discounts on our transformative services. We believe in supporting those who have dedicated their lives to learning, service, and wisdom. Experience the profound benefits of flotation therapy at a special rate, tailored to show our appreciation for your contributions. Float, rejuvenate, and thrive with Flotstone.

Image by Norbert Buduczki

20% Off

Military  Discount

  • Whether active or retired, here's our way of saying, 'thank you for your service'

Image by Tim Gouw

15% off

Education Discount

  • Whether a current student, a teacher, or administrator, you can use a break. 

Senior Couple

10% off

Senior Discount

  • If you are over 65 years old, make sure to mention it to get a break on your float

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