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Floating Facts

Added Benefit of Epsom Salt

The Epsom salt solution will not prune your skin no matter how long you stay in the float. While used primarily for its ability to suspend people in water, Epsom salt comes with the added benefit of softening skin and hair, along with alleviating chronic stress patterns and pain.

Weightless Suspension

In addition to the stand-alone physical benefits of soaking in thousands of pounds of Epsom salts, being suspended on a medium that is in between liquid and solid has many health benefits on its own accord. While floating effortlessly it is common to have subtle and profound physical releases from tension patterns that have taken root in our earthbound bodies. Using our infrared sauna in conjunction with the float can be just the thing to help you settle into your float with ease. They pair so well together because anything that you incorporate to help calm the body into the parasympathetic will likely enhance your float. Infrared saunas do a fantastic job at that.

Neutral Water Temperature

Water temperature is kept at 94.5° Fahrenheit, the average temperature of the skin. This temperature is known as skin-receptor neutral, meaning the water creates no cues for the skin to report any tactile stimulation.

Clean and Sanitary Environment

Sanitation is a very important component of floating and is not taken lightly among those that operate float centers in the industry. We have taken measures well beyond state regulations to ensure a clean and sanitary environment is in place.

The water in our float tanks is concentrated at 35% Epsom salt, which prevents nearly all organisms from multiplying and often kills them off over time.  Beyond that, our state-of-the-art filtration system provides the epitome of sanitation. The water passes through a 1-micron filter which is equivalent to 1/7th of the size of a red blood cell. After that, it undergoes a full ozone treatment and then gets dosed with 50-100ppm of hydrogen peroxide. These 2 elements combined form peroxone which is supercharged as the water travels through a UV lamp. UV lamps are designed to obliterate anything in the path of their photon rays. The water is filtered 3 to 4 full cycles in between each client. The end result is that, although not potable due to the high salt content, our water is held to a drinking water standard.

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