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At Flōtstōne, we trust the body's natural ability to heal. That's why we offer the most spacious and advanced float suites available on the North Shore. Flōtstōne offers a revolutionary way to relax and restore your body and mind. By inducing a transient meditative state, your body can rapidly perform its most effective healing. This powerful practice can restore balance, improve mental sharpness, and responsiveness to life’s stressors. Join us to Float, Relax, and Restore.

Crystal Salt
Improve Mental Health | Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Flōtstōne can promote mental clarity and mindfulness, as well as reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD. It also reduces muscle tension and lowers blood pressure.

Unlock The Mind's Potential | Enhance Creativity & Focus

Flōtstōne has been shown to improve cognitive function and mental focus, making it a great tool for enhancing creativity and imaginative energy. 

Sustain Focus | Elevate Athletic Performance

Flōtstōne is used by professional athletes to improve muscle recovery, reduce lactic acid buildup, and promote better sleep, all of which enhance athletic performance.

Rejuvenate Skin | Promote Collagen | Recharge Naturally

Our Sunlighten Sauna therapy has amazing benefits for many aspects of our lives. Infrared is a gentle, soothing, and therapeutic heat.

Katie D.

I came in open-minded – not a skeptic or a believer. I was experiencing neck, tension and pain when I came in. As a first-time floater, it took me a little while to relax. Once I did, I felt the weightless and body disappearing euphoria. The neck tension was somewhat uncomfortable as it left my body. Now that I am out, I am pain-free for the first time in weeks. I am now a believer and will spread the word. Thanks, Flotstone.
My wife suggested that I try float therapy and check out this place. It sounded interesting and I'd never heard of it before she mentioned it. When I went on a small tour of the establishment before my float session, I was impressed with how well the business was put together. All the rooms were clean and gave off a welcoming aesthetic. After I was given instructions on what to do, I began my journey of float therapy. At first, I needed a little time to relax and get used to this experience. When I discovered true relaxation within this experience, it was amazing. I find this to be so beneficial for my mental health. I know after my experience, I'll be going back.

Lady A.

I had three floats at Flotstone already and they never disappoint. The facility is beautiful. The rooms are clean and very thoughtfully designed. The entire experience is very calming and relaxing. I highly recommend taking a photo of yourself before and after the float. I have never felt so relaxed than I did after a float. I highly recommend this facility. It’s an amazing experience you will not regret.

Take a look inside our spacious sanctuary 


Gift Cards are available for whatever floats your boat

Give your loved ones some precious moments of absolutely nothing at all ~ an escape from modern societal stressors and distractions.
Float + Sauna + Meditation - Smartphone

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