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North Shore Chicago's Premier Float & Wellness Spa

Experience ultimate comfort and luxury in one of our floatation therapy suites and sauna rooms.


At Flotstone, we trust in the body's natural ability to heal with sensory deprivation. That's why we offer the most spacious and advanced float suites available in Chicago.



Embrace the warmth and sweat it out with the ultimate detox in one of our high quality medical-grade sauna rooms.


Enjoy a private cold plunge room, fully equipped with heated linens and Dorai quick drying stone floor tiles. After plunging, enjoy our lounge and prep room as you get ready to conquer the day

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Our spa provides rejuvenation to harmonize and revitalize both the mind and body, ensuring a comprehensive wellness retreat for all our visitors. Enjoy a well earned respite from an overly busy world.


Restore your body and mind

Benefits of Float Therapy

Enhance Mental Wellbeing

Improve Athletic Performance

Unlock Cognitive Potential


"I came in open-minded – not a skeptic or a believer. I was experiencing neck, tension and pain when I came in. As a first-time floater, it took me a little while to relax. Once I did, I felt the weightless and body disappearing euphoria. The neck tension was somewhat uncomfortable as it left my body. I am pain-free for the first time in weeks. I am now a believer. Thanks, Flotstone."

Katie D.

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