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What to Expect

Experience stress relief, injury recovery, pain elimination, and mood enhancement through floatation therapy, IR sauna, and cold plunge treatments. Achieve deep relaxation in Chicago at Flotstone.

Quiet Experience

As innovation thrives, new float tank designs enhance the quiet experience for profound relaxation and creative potential. Regardless of the tank's design, the objective remains the same: a tranquil environment devoid of external stimuli that allow the body to activate its natural healing state.

Relaxation Beyond Measure

In our fast-paced society, finding extended periods of restful time is rare. However, within the stress-free sanctuary of the float tank, the body can finally relax beyond measure. Free from the fight-or-flight mode that plagues us, the body naturally heals and releases beneficial endorphins, promoting balance and well-being.

Spacious Comfort

Our center offers generously sized float rooms with captivating fiber optic starlit ceilings and serene meditative music. You'll be amazed at how effortlessly you float in ten inches of skin-temperature water, while the spaciousness provides comfort. As gravity's stresses dissolve, your nervous system can release pent-up energy, and your spine decompresses.

Letting Go

In the float tank's safe haven, with water matching your skin's temperature, touch becomes imperceptible, enabling the body to let go of the chaotic external world. Embracing silence and darkness, you'll find freedom and a deep sense of relaxation. By eliminating external stimuli, the body sheds its perpetual sense of danger, allowing for true relaxation and addressing underlying issues.

Float, Relax, Restore

Experience the transformative power of the float: a gateway to freedom from constant vigilance. With our "float-relax-restore" approach, you'll find respite and rejuvenation like never before. Discover it for yourself."


Already booked?

Follow these steps when you get here!

1. Arrive and check-in. We’ll supply you with a robe, slippers, towels, earplugs, and everything else you’ll need.

2. Receive a comprehensive orientation and have all your questions answered.

3. Enjoy a luxurious shower in your private suite to prepare for the float tank experience.

4. Step into the tank, close the door, and effortlessly float in the water.

5. Control the music and lights within the float room, and after your session, gently transition back with soothing music and lights.

6. Relax with a complimentary tea in our lounge.



"I came in open-minded – not a skeptic or a believer. I was experiencing neck, tension and pain when I came in. As a first-time floater, it took me a little while to relax. Once I did, I felt the weightless and body disappearing euphoria. The neck tension was somewhat uncomfortable as it left my body. I am pain-free for the first time in weeks. I am now a believer. Thanks, Flotstone."

Katie D.

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