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About Flotstone

At Flotstone, we trust the body's natural ability to heal. Our flotation therapy offers a revolutionary way to relax and restore. By inducing a transient meditative state, the body can rapidly perform its most effective healing. This powerful practice can restore balance and improve the sharpness of mind and responsiveness.

Flotation therapy, previously known as sensory deprivation, is now recognized as internal sensory enhancement. Professional athletes have incorporated it into their training regimens, and many teams have installed float tanks in their facilities. ​ Floatation has been shown to improve cognitive function and mental focus, making it a great tool for enhancing creativity and performance.


We are proud to offer access to this incredible practice with our state-of-the-art float tanks. ​ Incorporating floatation into your weekly routine can help you stay calm and respond more effectively to situations. Join the growing community of people who are living healthier, more conscious, and balanced lives with flotation therapy. Join us at Flotstone and experience the power of flotation therapy for yourself. ​


Our float suites are large and roomy with optional lighting and sound. hey're designed to create a quiet environment with minimal external stimuli. This allows the body to switch to the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation and healing. ​ Our spacious float rooms have fiber optic star-lit ceilings and peaceful meditative music. The water is heated to skin temperature, so you'll effortlessly float and decompress your spine in a zero-gravity environment.


As you relax, your body will release beneficial endorphins, aiding in its search for poise and balance. ​ In this safe environment, your body can finally let go of the chaotic external world and enter a deep state of relaxation. With little to no sound and perfect darkness, you'll feel completely free.


By reducing the perpetual feeling of danger, the float helps the body mind, and spirit to address negative effects and promote contemplative winding down at the end of the day. Come experience the benefits of floating for yourself – float, relax, and restore. Escape to a quiet, serene place to reconnect with yourself. Float worry-free in large, clean comfortable cabins.

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