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Our Floatation Suites

Learn about our State of the Art technology wrapped in traditional spa luxury. Our suites incorporate the beauty of innovation grounded in tradition.

Quest Floatation Suites from Superior Float Tanks:

  • Aerospace-Grade Construction: Built with aerospace materials, our tanks insulate you from the outside world’s commotion.

  • Active Ventilation System: Enjoy fresh air and reduced humidity buildup with our active ventilation system.

  • Customizable Star Ceilings: Experience micro-drilled fiber-optic star ceilings with full control over LED light, starlight, and darkness transitions.

  • Spacious Tank Dimensions: Our tanks are nearly 8 feet long and 52 inches wide, with an extra-large option at 78 inches wide, perfect for couples to float together upon request.

Linens and Amenities Tray Robe .jpg

Luxury Suite Features:

  • Natural Shower Products: Enjoy a built-in shower with all-natural, phosphate-free body wash, shampoo, and conditioner.

  • Luxurious Turkish Cotton Bath Sheets: Wrap yourself in oversized bath sheets made from 100% Turkish cotton, from Superior Brand's premier line.

  • Comfortable Micro-Fiber Lined Robes: Experience the comfort of Mansfield micro-fiber lined shimmer robes, making you feel hugged by angels.

  • Decadent Flotstone Body Butter: Revitalize your skin with our complimentary indulgent Flotstone body butter.

NEW! Bone Conduction Headphones Available with your Session

  • Waterproof Headphones and Streaming Device: Enjoy a truly custom experience with fully waterproof headphones and a streaming device.

  • Bone Conduction Technology: Experience carefree, completely sanitary use with bone conduction technology that places the headphones next to your ear.

  • Guided Breathing Sessions: Calm your mind with guided breathing sessions led by Certified Wim Hoff Instructor James Stewart designed to calm the mind

  • Ad-Free Music Streaming: Enjoy your choice of music with our ad-free streaming service.

Cleaning Equipment

Commitment to Cleanliness 

  • Thorough Filtration Process: Each suite undergoes a triple filtration cycle between every use, which includes 1-micron mechanical filtration, ozone treatment, hydrogen peroxide, and UV exposure.

  • Surface Cleaning: All suite surfaces are meticulously cleaned between appointments to ensure cleanliness and safety.

  • Laundered Linens: Rest assured, all linens are laundered using The Laundress of New York detergent, maintaining a fresh and hygienic environment.

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