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Our Cold Plunge

Explore the Benefits and features of our private Cold Plunge Room

State of the Art Cold Plunge from Plunge:

  • Advanced Non-Chemical Sterilization: Our technology ensures the highest level of cleanliness, utilizing 20 -micron mechanical filtration along with hydrogen peroxide and ozone—similar to our floatation tanks.

  • Customizable Temperature Settings: Usually kept at 45* F, Enjoy a challenging yet approachable experience, or request any temperature between 50°F and 37°F. Call ahead to set your preferred temperature.

  • Tub for All Heights: Our extra-large tub accommodates everyone, ensuring a comfortable plunge regardless of height.


Private Suite Features:

  • Luxurious Heated Towel Rack: Enjoy the ultimate absorption and luxury with our heated towel rack featuring premium Turkish cotton towels.

  • Antimicrobial Stone Tiling: Experience a clean and comfortable environment with Dorai antimicrobial stone tiling.

  • Customizable Ambient Lighting: Set the perfect mood with our customizable ambient lighting options.

  • Full Access to Spa Features: Indulge in all our spa amenities, including water, artisan tea, and our relaxation and get-ready rooms.

Benefits of Cold Water Exposure:

  • Enhanced Mood and Positive Outlook: Cold water exposure can boost dopamine levels, improving mood and fostering a more positive life outlook.

  • Reduced Inflammation and Chronic Joint Pain: Experience relief from inflammation and chronic joint pain possible with regular cold water exposure.

  • Faster Muscle Recovery: Aid in the recovery from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) with cold water therapy.

  • Accelerated Metabolism and Fat Burn: Boost your metabolism and encourage fat burning through regular cold water immersion.

  • Improved Stress Management: Strengthen your mental ability to overcome and manage stress with the benefits of cold water exposure.


A Refreshing Journey: Personalized Cold Plunging at Flotstone

Cold plunging at Flotstone offers a range of unique benefits tailored to our facility, aimed at alleviating any initial apprehension. Our state-of-the-art Plunge is meticulously regulated to the exact temperature, ensuring both beginners and experienced plungers find a challenging yet accessible experience. Moreover, our cutting-edge technology allows for precise temperature adjustments, empowering individuals to personalize their plunge to their comfort level, whether opting for a challenging chill or a more accessible experience.


The shock of the cold water initiates a series of physiological responses, promoting circulation, reducing inflammation, and enhancing mood. While discomfort may arise initially, it swiftly dissipates, replaced by a revitalizing sense of clarity. Through gradual exposure and controlled breathing techniques, individuals can adapt to the cold, rendering the experience more manageable. Approaching the cold plunge as a revitalizing ritual rather than a daunting endeavor can transform it into a rejuvenating and empowering practice for both the mind and body.

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