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Our Process:

Anything new can be scary, even trying to relax! At Floatstone, we ensure your experience is smooth and comfortable. From booking your appointment to reentering the world after your session, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service.


How to Book:

Online Booking: Click "Book Now" at the top of any page to access our live schedule. Choose your preferred time and select from our three available floatation suites. Our extra-large second suite is ideal for those needing more space or booking a couple's float. For sauna or cold plunge sessions, simply select your preferred time and service.

Phone Booking: Call us at (847) 482-1700 during business hours, and our friendly staff will assist you.

Please Note: Credit cards are required to hold reservations but will not be charged until you arrive.

What to Bring:

What to Bring to your Floatation Appointment:

Just yourself and a smile! We have linens, slippers, bath mats, hair dryers, and even a cup of tea if you'd like!

Our floatation suites are completely private, giving you the total relaxation you need.

What to bring to your Sauna or Plunge appointment:

When enjoying a plunge and sauna, it's best to bring a swimsuit or something you don't mind getting a little wet. Each room is private, however when moving from one room to another, you may find a bathing suit underneath your robe most comfortable.

When to Arrive:

It is best to arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment. For first-time customers, this allows ample time for orientation and questions.


If you haven't completed your waiver from our reservation confirmation email, please take a moment to fill it out upon arrival. We will verify your appointment and handle any outstanding balances. If you don't have convenient footwear, we offer disposable spa slippers for guests.

What's Next:

After check-in, we will guide you to your suite and answer any outstanding questions. All our sessions are automated, so you never have to worry about keeping track of time.

Post Session:

After your appointment, feel free to relax in our lounge and enjoy water or a cup of tea from our electric kettle. All our refreshments are artisan and of the highest quality.

Membership Overview

Don't forget to ask about our membership options at Floatstone! We offer plans for both Sauna/Plunge and Floatation sessions. Our most popular plans are unlimited, providing you with the best value and flexibility. Click the link below to learn more and start enjoying the benefits of a Floatstone membership today.


As someone with chronic pain among other problems I cannot convey how much I love coming to Flotstone. I am not able to float as often as I'd like but I do use the sauna at least once a week. The sauna melts away pain and stress and a relaxing shower at the end truly gives me a sense of zen.

Angie D.

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